Our customer had a very strong

calcified hot water boiler.

You couldn’t get the heat exchanger

no longer recognize (approx. 5 cm) lime

When we opened the at 

Customers request for approx.

six weeks again opened,

the lime was lime up to approx. 1,5 cm

was dismantled.

The rest could be done you can

easily use fingers to Remove.





The water is so pleasantly soft

on the skin, one believes that the

I’ve got my hands creamed on.


As a mechanical engineer

I was able to get a job because of my

I don’t believe that this

Device is working. There should be

but at least a little spin

or move, I thought. but it

it works – that’s the hammer.




I am the operator of a residential

and I`ve been in the

this building in front of approx. 

2 years the drinking water treatment

and converted it. The previous

soft water system (classic

ion exchange process)

has been against a ” FR1″ of

PeterAqua FR Ltd. changed.

Water quality hasn’t

changed at all since then

deteriorated, compared to which

are clear advantages for me

with regard to operating costs