Article Description

PeterAqua FR water treatment apparatus FR4

drinking water approved.

Limescale protection system to reduce limescale deposits without, hygienically

critical cartridge changes.

Manner of execution: Deliverey of PN 10 without treatment of electric current.

Read for connection including delivery of the insulation material suitable for the device from the means of transport.

Device with adhesive sleeve for insertion into the water supply House entrance (by water meter and water filter).

Mounting position is freely selectable.


Technical date:

Pipe connection                                                             300            DN

Nominal flow rate                                                       539,9            m3/h

at a flow velocity: 2m/sec

Pressure loss at nominal diameter                              0,1            bar

Maximum operating pressure.                                     16             bar

maximum temperature of the feed water                   80°           C



Diameter                                                                         460             mm

Lenght                                                                             490             mm

Weight                                                                               78             Kg


Order-No.:   4260490511073